10 Best Email Outreach Tools in 2024 (Reviews & Pricing)

Fun fact! Did you know email remains king in 2024 for driving sales, driving over 80% of B2B communication?

With the sales industry ever-evolving, choosing the perfect email outreach tool is paramount.

This year's top contenders boast AI-powered personalization and cutting-edge analytics, promising to supercharge your campaigns. But with so many options, how do you pick the ultimate tool to match your business goals and budget?

Let's dive into these leading platforms' standout features and potential pitfalls.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore top tools like Salesforge and Smartlead for AI-driven personalization & high deliverability in sales emails.
  • Consider Instantly and Lemlist for budget-friendly options with automated warmup or multi-channel outreach features.
  • Look into Saleshandy and Woodpecker for tools that provide extensive contact databases and effective A/B testing capabilities.
  • Mailshake and Outreach.IO integrate seamlessly with CRM systems, offering comprehensive tracking and advanced AI automation.
  • Reply supports multi-channel communication, including email and LinkedIn, with robust tracking tools to enhance outreach effectiveness.

Just Give Me the TOP Names!

Here you go:

  1. Salesforge - AI-driven icebreaker generation and multilingual support.
  2. Instantly - Smooth UI/UX with incredible scalability.
  3. Lemlist - Best for multichannel outreach.

Read on to know why and how these tools made the list…

What Is an Email Outreach Tool?

An email outreach tool is a software designed to streamline and optimize email communication processes to reach potential customers.

Imagine you're launching a product and need to connect with potential customers quickly and effectively. That's where cold email tools come into play.

With such tools, you can send personalized emails at scale to reach your target audience. They allow you to create email sequences automatically, sending follow-up emails from your email list while avoiding spam filters. You're not just blasting out messages; you're engaging in a strategic conversation without needing to manage each step manually.

1. Salesforge Review

Salesforge excels at transforming cold email campaigns into significant sales opportunities. It allows you to generate AI-crafted copy in any language and send personalized emails, making it the go-to choice for dynamic sales teams.

Fun Fact: Did you know cold emails with personalization see an increase of 17% in response rates? Lucky for you, salesforge specializes in AI-driven personalization.

You can connect to all email service providers, Mailforge.ai, Gmail or Outlook, and manage all in one tab. The team, led by (me, Frank) a former VP of Sales, created Salesforge because we were fed up with the high costs of separate tools for email sequencing, warming up, validation, and personalization.

Salesforge lets users swiftly craft unique emails using AI, leveraging data from sources like LinkedIn and company websites. Thanks to our mailbox warming and email validation features, you'll avoid the spam folder, ensuring your messages hit the mark every time.

Using other cold email tools, you’d need to build a master inbox, but with SalesForge, you don't need that since they have a feature called Primebox.

Best For: Sales teams and businesses looking to enhance and scale their email outreach efficiency and effectiveness with AI-driven personalization and multi-language support.


  1. Integrated email management allows sending and receiving from multiple mailboxes within one platform.
  2. AI-driven personalization tools leverage data from LinkedIn and company websites to craft unique emails quickly.
  3. Advanced features to maintain high deliverability rates, including mailbox warming and email validation.
  4. Offers AI-driven scalable email personalization in the fastest way.


  1. There has yet to be a multi-channel outreach feature (coming soon!)

2. Smartlead Review

Smartlead is the best tool for businesses to streamline their outbound marketing efforts and boost ROI efficiently. With its all-in-one approach, you're set up for multi-channel outreach, including cold emails, LinkedIn interactions, and more. You'll love how it offers unlimited mailboxes and automated follow-ups, guaranteeing that your campaigns run smoothly.

Moreover, Smartlead guarantees your emails always hit the inbox with its unique IP servers and unlimited warmups. Thanks to its clever AI that mimics human-like conversations and automatically moves emails back to the primary inbox, you won't have to worry about landing in the spam folder. Whether setting up a new campaign or managing ongoing ones, Smartlead's robust API hooks right into your existing CRM systems like HubSpot, making your life much easier.

Best For: Businesses looking to enhance their outbound marketing strategies through multi-channel outreach, including cold emails and LinkedIn interactions.


  1. Offers unlimited mailboxes and automated follow-ups for seamless campaign management.
  2. Features unique IP servers and unlimited warmups to ensure high email deliverability.
  3. Integrates smoothly with CRMs like HubSpot via powerful APIs and webhooks.


  1. No multi-channel outreach features.

3. Instantly Review

If you're a small business or digital agency aiming to expand through cold emailing, Instantly's robust features, like its automated email warmup, make it an excellent choice. Despite being a newcomer in the cold email landscape, Instantly packs a punch with features like Lead Finder and A/B testing, tailored to boost your campaign's efficiency. You'll appreciate its AI-driven analytics and the ease of template automation, which simplify crafting effective emails.

Its unlimited email warmups are set Instantly apart, ensuring your messages dodge the spam folder. However, its lack of deep integration might be a snag if you rely heavily on third-party tools. So, while it's not a one-size-fits-all, it's a gem for targeted needs with a budget-friendly appeal.

Best For: Small businesses and digital agencies seeking to boost their outreach and efficiency through innovative cold emailing features.


  1. Automated email warmup ensures high deliverability.
  2. AI-driven analytics and A/B testing optimize campaign performance.
  3. Access to a comprehensive database with Lead Finder for targeted prospecting.


  1. Lack of deep integration with third-party tools.

4. Lemlist Review

Lemlist's personalization features make it an ideal choice for marketers seeking to enhance engagement through tailored email campaigns. You can add a personal touch by addressing recipients by their first names or incorporating your brand, making your emails pop.

Plus, setting up auto-follow-ups and scheduling with Lemlist is a breeze, ensuring your outreach is always on point. Don't forget Lemwarm, a nifty feature that warms up new email addresses to keep your messages out of the spam folder.

Integration is smooth; Lemlist syncs up effortlessly with your existing email service and CRM tools. At $50 per seat per month for email outreach, it's a smart pick for boosting your marketing game.

Best For: Marketing professionals and teams looking to boost engagement with personalized, automated multi-channel email campaigns.


  1. Advanced personalization options enhance recipient engagement.
  2. Automation features like auto-follow-ups and scheduled emails streamline outreach.
  3. The Lemwarm feature increases email deliverability by warming up new addresses.


  1. Pricing may be prohibitive for smaller businesses or solopreneurs.

5. Saleshandy Review

Saleshandy's B2B Lead Finder is a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their email outreach. It offers global access to over 750 million contacts. With filters like search-by-name and industry, locating accurate email addresses is easy. You can kickstart your cold email campaigns directly by adding prospects to your sequences.

Don't worry about your emails landing in spam; the Sender Rotation feature smartly splits your outreach across multiple accounts. Want to boost engagement? Personalize your emails effortlessly using merge tags that include the recipient's name, company, and more.

Follow-ups? They're automated and can be scheduled based on the recipient's responses. With the Unified Inbox, managing replies becomes a piece of cake. Your favorite tools integrate seamlessly with Saleshandy, making your life easier and your outreach smarter.

Saleshandy can also check whether you set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC correctly.

Find these here: https://www.saleshandy.com/integrations/

Best For: Businesses seeking to streamline and optimize email outreach and lead generation efforts with powerful automation and integration features.


  1. Access to a vast database of over 750 million contacts for targeted lead generation.
  2. Features like Sender Rotation and Personalized Emails enhance email deliverability and engagement.
  3. Integration capabilities with significant CRMs and tools streamline workflow and data management.


  1. While running extensive campaigns with inbox rotation, you can’t insert User Name tags, which is a hassle because you can't introduce yourself in the email copy.

6. Woodpecker Review

Are you looking to enhance your email campaign effectiveness? Woodpecker's ability to run A/B tests and send follow-up emails makes it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to optimize their drip campaigns’ strategies. Its email verification guarantees your messages don't hit the spam folder, keeping your deliverability rates high.

Collaboration is a breeze as your sales reps can access client information from a single dashboard.

Once your campaign is airborne, Woodpecker doesn't leave you hanging. It dishes out real-time statistics like open rates, reply rates, and more, helping you fine-tune your strategies. With pricing scaled by contact volume, starting at $25 for 500 prospects a month, it's a steal for the features you're getting.

Best For: Small to medium-sized businesses and agencies that must manage extensive drip campaigns efficiently.


  1. Ability to run A/B tests and send automated follow-up emails to optimize outreach.
  2. Built-in email verification and validation to enhance deliverability.
  3. Provides a collaborative platform with a centralized dashboard for team access and client management.


  1. Doesn't have AI-driven hyper-personalization capabilities like Salesforge.

7. Mailshake Review

If you aim to streamline your cold email outreach, Mailshake's automation features can set up your campaign in minutes, making it a top choice for sales professionals and PR experts.

Packed with suggestions tailored for various drip campaign scenarios like PR pitches or guest blogging, it's a breeze to start a personalized campaign. You'll find its automated follow-ups and customizable sending sequences particularly handy. Plus, tracking opens, clicks, and replies is straightforward, helping you monitor campaign effectiveness effortlessly.

With Mailshake, managing leads is a snap through its lead catcher feature. You can view detailed interactions with prospects, enhancing your strategy. Integration with CRM systems? Check. It's all there, ensuring your data flows seamlessly across platforms.

Best For: Sales professionals, PR experts, and content creators who want to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of drip campaigns.


  1. Automated email sequences and follow-ups save time and increase response rates.
  2. Comprehensive tracking of opens, clicks, and replies to monitor and optimize campaigns.
  3. Seamless integration with CRM systems enhances lead management.
  4. Offers the best email scheduling feature.


  1. Limited to 1,500 emails per month on the starter plan, and it barely gives to other necessary features

8. Outreach.io Review

Outreach.io's integration with significant business tools like Salesforce and HubSpot makes it an ideal choice for medium to large businesses aiming to streamline their sales processes. This could be your silver bullet to avoid juggling multiple platforms.

With its robust AI automating mundane tasks, your sales team can focus on what they do best—selling.

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. You'll need to buckle down for a steep learning curve, and if your wallet isn't thick, the cost might sting. Also, this tool might be overkill if you're running a small shop. But if you have the resources and need a heavy hitter, Outreach.io might be worth the hustle.

Best For: Sales reps of Medium to large businesses with a robust sales budget seeking comprehensive sales engagement and automation tools.


  1. Integrates seamlessly with primary business tools like Salesforce and HubSpot.
  2. Features advanced AI capabilities to automate and enhance sales tasks.
  3. Offers a built-in outbound cold calling system with local telephone numbers.


  1. It requires a significant investment, making it less suitable for small businesses.

9. Snov.io Review

Snov.io is a cold email outreach tool that stands out as an ideal solution for bloggers, recruiters, and sales teams seeking efficient email outreach tools with robust tracking and verification features. After downloading the Chrome extension, its email finder will be indispensable, as it lets you grab emails from any visited website.

Worried about email bounce rates? Don't worry. The email verification feature guarantees your campaigns are only sent to valid addresses, boosting deliverability.

The Tech Checker is a handy tool for those curious about the tech potential clients use. You can sort companies by size, location, or industry, making your targeting as sharp as a tack.

Remember that the cost can add up as your needs grow, especially for tasks like searching for an email or verifying a lead cost credit.

Best For: Bloggers, recruiters, and sales teams looking for a powerful email outreach campaigns tool with advanced tracking and verification capabilities.


  1. User-friendly interface with a minimal learning curve.
  2. Real-time notifications for email opens.
  3. Robust email verification to minimize bounce rates.


  1. Additional costs accrue as business scales due to credit-based system

10. Reply.io Review

Reply.io's intuitive email campaign setup makes it an excellent choice for sales teams looking to streamline their outreach efforts. Since its launch in 2014, Reply has grown substantially, boasting a robust suite of tools that automate and simplify many tedious sales tasks.

Features like Jason AI are convenient for managing LinkedIn campaigns effectively. Plus, the platform supports multi-channel communication so you can reach out via email, phone, or even WhatsApp and text.

Despite its many pros, there are a few kinks, like the occasionally glitchy Chrome extension and the less-than-perfect LinkedIn campaign tools. However, the benefits, like easy sequence creation and automated lead responses, generally outweigh these minor issues.

Best For: Sales teams and marketers seeking to automate and optimize their outreach and follow-up processes efficiently.


  1. Intuitive setup for email campaigns and multi-channel communication options.
  2. Jason AI feature for automated and personalized LinkedIn outreach and follow-up.
  3. Extensive tools for tracking and improving communication effectiveness, including email health features and detailed reporting.


  1. Occasional issues with the Chrome extension requiring reloads.

How To Choose the Email Outreach Tool?

Look for features that supercharge engagement and impact.

Essentials like email tracking delivers real-time insights for better strategies. Personalization tools like Spintax and AI Icebreaker generator tailor messages to unique tastes, skyrocketing engagement rates.

Automated follow-ups keep communication consistent and on time. Opt for tools with inbox rotation and built-in warm-up features to dodge spam traps and boost deliverability.

Choose a tool that blends advanced capabilities with ease of use to streamline outreach.

Let’s check out how these features join forces, lifting your email game to new heights!

  1. Email Personalization
  2. Email Tracking
  3. Automation
  4. Inbox Rotation
  5. Built-in Warm-up

1. Email Personalization

Cold email platforms utilizing Spintax or spin-tags for email personalization are crucial in any outreach campaign to cater to individual recipient preferences and enhance engagement.

“A McKinsey report says that 71% of prospects expect companies to offer personalized communication.”

Advanced personalization isn't just inserting merge fields; tools like salesforge offer AI-based personalized line generators and multilingual support. Then there’s Lemlist, which offers Image personalization.

These sophisticated personalization strategies help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Email Tracking

Email tracking is a pivotal feature that enables real-time insights into when and how often your emails are opened.

This functionality provides a strategic advantage in making informed decisions about effectively timing follow-up communications. It enriches engagement metrics, facilitates campaign optimization, and enhances performance analysis.

Additionally, response tracking and behavior insights gained through email tracking empower businesses to refine their outreach strategies and foster more meaningful connections.

3. Automation

Automation can mean many different things, such as creating scheduling campaigns, working flawlessly with Zapier-like automation tools, or simply following up on sequences.

Automated follow-ups ensure consistent engagement by sending timely, relevant messages to recipients based on their interactions.

Strategically creating follow-up copy based on engagement, employing advanced personalization techniques, and utilizing the automation benefits can significantly enhance your outreach strategy.

4. Inbox Rotation

Inbox rotation is a strategic method employed in email outreach to minimize the risk of spam filters blocking your messages. Systematically rotating inboxes improves inbox organization and reduces response time.

This enhances engagement rates by optimizing follow-up frequency and allows for effective contact segmentation. Such rotation ensures sustained deliverability and efficiency in managing communications without overwhelming any single email channel.

5. Built-in Warm-up

Fun Fact! Did you know 46% of sent emails land in spam?

A built-in warm-up feature in email outreach tools gradually increases the volume of sent emails, enhancing the sender's reputation and reducing the likelihood of being marked as spam.

Good thing salesforge.ai has a built-in warm-up so you don't have to pay for another monthly tool.

To Wrap It All Up

Exploring the world of email outreach tools in 2024 is like choosing your favorite ice cream flavor—overwhelming but deliciously rewarding.

Whether you're drawn to Salesforge's multilingual, AI-driven personalization charm or Instantly's promise of high deliverability, each tool offers unique strengths that cater to varied business needs.

Remember, the best choice blends functionality with your specific goals. So, scoop up the tool that best satisfies your appetite for success and watch your business communication thrive!