10 Best Email Trackers for Sales Teams in 2024

Sales teams often have complex workflows juggling multiple software at once.

Email trackers solve a serious problem of effectively communicating with prospects and intelligent decision-making.

This guide includes top picks such as Salesforge.ai, which offers AI-driven personalization, and Mailsuit, which is renowned for real-time notifications and analytics. Right Inbox offers excellent Gmail integration and a few other features.

Each tool empowers sales teams differently, promising to enhance your sales approach as you explore further.

What is an Email Tracker?

Email tracking operates much like tracking a package. It enables you to see if and when recipients have opened your emails, clicked on links, or viewed attachments.

This functionality provides valuable insights into open rates and click rates, which are critical data points for assessing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

This technology enhances your understanding of how recipients interact with your emails and helps gauge overall email performance. Through detailed analysis, sales teams can optimize their strategies, ensuring each campaign is more targeted and effective.

Sales email tracking software simplifies these processes, making them accessible even to those who might initially find email tracking daunting.

Moreover, email tracking can extend beyond open-and-click metrics to offer deeper insights into prospect engagement. 

By monitoring how prospects interact with sent emails, sales teams can tailor their follow-up emails more accurately, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions. This makes email tracking an indispensable tool in the arsenal of modern sales strategies.

1. Salesforge.ai

Salesforge prices

Salesforge.ai is mainly a cold email automation tool but has most of the features of a typical email tracker. So why is this first on the list? Well, we might be biased. But when you look through the lens of what an email tracker is, Salesforge arms you with every single feature you could ask for.

  • Open rate
  • Response rate
  • Setting up follow-up sequences

These are the main features an email tracker has, and so does salesforge.ai

It best suits sales teams seeking to enhance their email outreach effectiveness. It integrates advanced AI-driven personalization and email tracking within a single platform.

This tool transforms cold email campaigns into vibrant sales opportunities by enabling the crafting of personalized, AI-generated emails in any language.

It connects seamlessly with all major email providers like Gmail and Outlook, allowing everything to be managed from one convenient tab. The brainchild of a former VP of Sales, Salesforge, was born out of frustration with the spiraling costs of separate tools needed for email sequencing, warming, validation, and personalization.

Users can quickly compose tailored emails that dodge the spam folder and strike right at the heart of their targets.

Top Features:

  • Integrated email management allows sending and receiving from multiple mailboxes within one platform.
  • AI-driven personalization tools leverage data from LinkedIn and company websites to craft unique emails quickly.
  • Advanced features to maintain high deliverability rates, including mailbox warming and email validation.

2. MixMax

MixMax price list

MixMax's robust email tracking capabilities make it an ideal choice for sales teams looking to enhance efficiency and lead conversion. Utilizing MixMax, teams can build and edit email templates to create tailored sequences, optimizing their outreach efforts.

The tool's ability to track interactions across these sequences helps quickly identify qualified leads. Additionally, integrations with platforms like Salesforce and Google Calendar simplify scheduling and follow-ups, streamlining the sales process.

With notifications about email opens and read counts, even in group emails, MixMax ensures that no lead goes unnoticed. Priced starting at $29 per month, with a high user satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of 5 on G2, MixMax represents a valuable tool for transforming prospects into clients.

Top Features:

  1. Advanced email tracking features that monitor interactions across email sequences.
  2. Integrations with Salesforce, Google Calendar, and other tools enhance workflow efficiency.
  3. Competitive pricing with a high user satisfaction rate.

3. Mailsuit (Formerly Mailtrack)

Mailsuit pricing

Mailsuit, formerly Mailtrack, offers a Chrome extension that is particularly beneficial for sales teams needing real-time notifications when recipients open their emails. The extension includes a dashboard that consolidates campaign performance metrics, streamlining the process of analyzing email interactions.

However, the free version is limited; features like link tracking and detailed reporting require a monthly subscription starting at $9.99. With a high user rating of 4.6 out of 5 on G2, Mailsuit is a reliable tool for enhancing email engagement.

It also supports functionalities like mail merge, secure document sharing, and signature requests, making it a versatile choice for managing sales communications efficiently.

Top Features:

  1. Real-time email open notifications enhance timely follow-ups.
  2. Features like mail merge and secure document sharing streamline communication processes.
  3. High user satisfaction with a G2 rating of 4.6 out of 5.

4. Right Inbox

Right inbox price list

Right Inbox enhances email productivity for sales teams, offering robust tracking features and integration with Gmail. This tool enables users to monitor email opens and link clicks, providing valuable insights into customer engagement. It is versatile and user-friendly, compatible with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.

For just $7.95 per month, teams can access features such as email scheduling, sequence creation, and setting follow-up reminders.

Additionally, Right Inbox offers templates to streamline communication and private notes to add context to conversations.

Whether you're automating follow-ups or scheduling recurring emails, Right Inbox simplifies these processes, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. With over 250,000 professionals using it, this tool is critical for enhancing sales email strategies.

Top Features:

  1. Comprehensive email tracking capabilities, including open and link click monitoring.
  2. Allows email scheduling, sequence creation, and automated follow-ups to enhance productivity.
  3. Supports multiple browsers, making it versatile and accessible for various users.

5. Email Analytics

emailanalytics price list

EmailAnalytics provides an invaluable tool for sales teams aiming to optimize their communication efficiency by measuring and improving email response times. Organizations leverage this platform to unlock critical insights from daily email exchanges, enhancing visibility across team interactions.

Secure and easy to integrate, with no need for additional software installations, EmailAnalytics is trusted by prominent companies like NBC News and Forbes. Users can monitor the volume of emails sent and received, identify top communicators, and assess the distribution of emails across days and hours.

The ability to drill down into specific metrics allows for a deep dive into each email, ensuring teams can efficiently manage their workload and prioritize communication strategies effectively.

Top Features:

  1. Provides detailed insights into daily email activities, helping teams measure productivity and response times.
  2. Offers a user-friendly interface without additional software installations, ensuring easy integration into existing workflows.
  3. Trusted by major corporations such as NBC News and Forbes, highlighting its reliability and effectiveness.

6. MailTag

MailTag price list

MailTag frequently emerges as an optimal solution for sales teams seeking to enhance their email efficiency through advanced tracking and scheduling features. This Google Chrome extension integrates seamlessly with Gmail, empowering users to track email opens, link clicks, and schedule emails effortlessly.

Automating follow-ups customizes the outreach process, potentially boosting reply rates and sales outcomes. MailTag's analytics dashboard also allows for a detailed review of campaign performance, including open and link-click rates.

For teams reliant on Gmail, its BCC to CRM integration ensures that every communication is logged, enhancing CRM data accuracy.

After a free trial, MailTag is priced at $9.99 per user per month and offers a cost-effective tool for email-driven sales operations.

Top Features:

  1. Provides detailed tracking of email opens and link clicks.
  2. Automates and customizes email follow-ups to improve engagement.
  3. Integrates with Gmail for seamless operation and CRM data logging.

7. Mailtracker by Hunter.io

Mailtracker price list

For sales teams seeking to enhance email campaign effectiveness, MailTracker by Hunter.io offers real-time notifications within Gmail upon email openings, ensuring immediate feedback on engagement levels.

This Chrome extension is pivotal for those who aim to monitor the impact of their communications directly from their inbox. Knowing when a recipient opens an email helps understand the content's effectiveness and optimal timing of follow-up messages.

Hunter.io, renowned for its powerful prospecting tools, ensures that MailTracker integrates seamlessly with services like email finding and verification. This synergy enhances overall sales strategy efficiency.

This extension is free of charge, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious teams. With a solid rating of 4.0 out of 5 on G2, MailTracker by Hunter.io stands out as a reliable and invaluable tool for sales professionals.

Top Features:

  1. Provides real-time notifications within Gmail when emails are opened.
  2. Integrates with Hunter.io's other tools for a comprehensive sales solution.
  3. Free of charge, making it accessible for budget-conscious teams.

8. Mailbutler

Mailbutler price list

With its direct integration into popular email platforms like Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook, Mailbutler is an ideal choice for sales teams seeking enhanced productivity and smarter inbox management. This robust tool offers features to streamline communication and organize your workflow effectively.

Key functionalities include 'Smart Send Later,' which optimizes the timing of your emails to increase open rates, and customizable email signatures that bolster your brand's professional image.

Additionally, Mailbutler allows you to attach notes directly to emails for better context and follow-up. Its email template system enables quick, consistent messaging in real-time.

Moreover, features like contact management, email snoozing, and collaboration tools ensure that every team member stays on the same page, enhancing overall project management.

Top Features:

  1. Integrates directly with Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook for seamless usage.
  2. Offers powerful features like 'Smart Send Later' to optimize email timing.
  3. Enhances collaboration with tools for sharing contacts, notes, and templates.

9. OpenedOrNot

OpenedOrNot information page

OpenedOrNot is an optimal email tracking solution for sales teams. It offers real-time notifications and detailed analytics on email interactions.

This Chrome extension, designed for Gmail, streamlines tracking by providing instant alerts for opened emails and clicked links.

Sales professionals can benefit from daily summaries showing the number of delivered, opened, and unread emails, enhancing follow-up accuracy.

The tool's color-coded read receipt system - green for opened emails and grey for delivered - allows users to monitor the status of their messages easily. This level of detail helps sales teams optimize their email strategies and boost client engagement.

With OpenedOrNot, sales teams can track email interactions in real time, receive instant notifications for opened emails and clicked links, and access daily summaries to gauge the effectiveness of their outreach efforts. 

Top Features:

  1. Provides real-time alerts when emails are opened or links are clicked, allowing immediate follow-up.
  2. Daily summaries offer insights into emails delivered, opened, and unread, aiding strategy optimization.
  3. Color-coded read receipts (green for opened, grey for delivered) to inform users of email status.

10. Atompark Email Tracker

Atompark email tracker

Atompark Email Tracker, designed for sales teams looking for a unified platform to manage email and SMS campaigns, offers comprehensive tracking features to enhance marketing strategies.

The user-friendly dashboard centralizes all crucial data, allowing you to monitor who opens your emails, the timing of these actions, and the duration of engagement.

Additionally, it provides insights into geographic performance metrics, such as which countries have the highest interaction rates.

However, it's important to note that the Atompark Email Tracker is only compatible with emails sent through its system, not external services like Gmail. Priced at $12.85 per month, it integrates smoothly with Atomic Mail Sender for optimal campaign monitoring without requiring extra configurations.

Top Features:

  1. Comprehensive tracking features, including open rates, click-through rates, and engagement duration.
  2. User-friendly dashboard centralizes crucial data for optimizing email marketing campaigns.
  3. Seamless integration with Atomic Mail Sender requires no additional configurations.

How to Choose an Email Tracker?

Selecting the right email tracker for your sales team involves several vital considerations that can significantly enhance your email marketing efforts.

First, ensure the tracker is compatible with your current email service provider to streamline integration and deployment.

Next, assess your specific needs and the features that will best meet them. Consider ease of use and budget constraints to ensure a cost-effective solution.

  1. Supports your email service providers 
  2. Set your requirements
  3. Has significant features
  4. Proper user experience
  5. Within budget
  6. Does not reduce deliverability

1. Email Service Provider Support

Practical email tracking tools should enhance email deliverability and dovetail smoothly with your email marketing software. This synergy is vital for refining your email marketing strategy and improving email campaign management.

Look for solutions that offer a variety of integrations, ensuring that the tools can adapt as your technology stack evolves. Additionally, opting for services that provide unlimited email tracking can significantly increase the efficiency of your sales team, allowing them to follow up more effectively and timely.

Proper email service provider support is indispensable for harnessing the full potential of any email tracking system.

2. Determine Your Requirements

Why must you assess your specific requirements before selecting an email tracker for your sales team?

Choosing the right email tracker is crucial for enhancing email management and optimizing your sales strategy. A well-suited email tracker helps maintain a robust record of leads, monitor sales emails, and increase email efficiency. 

It ensures that every communication is tailored to fit the dynamics of your sales team's operations.

Furthermore, understanding the nature of your sales emails and email content is pivotal. This insight assists in selecting an email tracker that aligns with your team's specific needs, ultimately helping craft more targeted, effective sales strategies and improve overall sales performance.

Therefore, a thoughtful assessment is indispensable.

3. Features

Evaluating the critical features of an email tracker is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of your sales team's communication strategies. When selecting an email tracking solution, consider these vital aspects:

  1. Real-Time Tracking: Seeing when emails are opened and links are clicked in real time enhances timely follow-ups and strategic adjustments in email outreach campaigns.
  2. Integration with Sales Automation Tools: Opt for email tracking software that integrates seamlessly with your sales engagement platform to streamline workflows and increase efficiency.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting: Effective email tracking solutions should offer detailed analytics to track email interactions, helping to refine tactics and measure campaign success.
  4. Sequences: The tool should offer setting up follow-up sequences, which would be stopped once your prospects reply.

4. Usability

How user-friendly is the email tracker, and what should you consider to ensure it aligns with your team's needs and technical capabilities?

Choosing an email tracker with a user-friendly interface is crucial for streamlining sales operations. An intuitive interface simplifies the management of email activities and daily sales tasks, reducing the learning curve. This is essential for teams to focus more on selling and less on navigating complex software.

Features such as email reminders and scheduling functionality are vital. They help manage repetitive tasks efficiently, ensuring no follow-up is missed. Selecting a tool that integrates smoothly with your existing workflows can significantly enhance productivity and minimize disruptions in your sales process.

5. Within Budget

Selecting an email tracker that fits your budget is crucial for maintaining financial health while optimizing sales efforts. When choosing the right tool, consider the following aspects:

Evaluate if the fee aligns with the features provided. High fees should justify advanced functionalities that enhance your sales pipeline and email marketing strategies.

Choosing wisely ensures your sales tools are both practical and economical.

6. Deliverability

High deliverability rates are critical when choosing an email tracker for your sales team. Your emails must land directly in your recipients' primary inbox, avoiding the dreaded spam folder.

The right tracker will help you monitor where your bulk emails end up, whether it's the primary email inbox or elsewhere, and provide insights on improving mail sender reputation.

Different email platforms have varying filters and rules, so a robust email tracker should adapt its strategies accordingly. It should also offer capabilities to fine-tune email sequences to ensure maximum engagement from email recipients.

Ultimately, the goal is maintaining high deliverability rates, ensuring your communications are seen and acted upon efficiently.

To Wrap It All Up

Choosing the right email tracker is akin to selecting the perfect compass for navigating the vast ocean of B2B sales. We get it; the article might have been too long.

These are our top 3 recommendations

  1. Salesforge.ai
  2. Mixmax
  3. Right Inbox

Each tool listed offers unique capabilities to guide sales teams toward more efficient engagements and improved client relations.

The correct email tracker illuminates the path of your emails and ensures that every message sent is a step closer to achieving your sales goals.