Apollo.io Pricing Analysis: 14 Smart Ways To Evaluate Its Worth in 2024

So, you’re trying to figure out if Apollo.io's pricing is worth it for your business? Or maybe you're wondering if there's a better option out there?

The fact is, choosing the right sales platform is crucial for streamlining your processes and maximizing your ROI. 

And you need something that fits your budget and delivers value without any hassle.

Seems like a tall order? Not at all!

I've done the heavy lifting to break down Apollo.io’s pricing and compare it with the top alternative, so you can make an informed decision.

But how did I evaluate Apollo.io’s pricing and its alternatives? Here’s what I focused on:

💥 Comprehensive Features - Ensuring that the platform offers all the tools you need without overwhelming you with unnecessary extras.

💥 Cost-Effectiveness - Finding a balance between cost and value, so you’re not overspending on features you don’t use.

💥 User Experience - A user-friendly interface that reduces the learning curve and boosts productivity.

💥 Customer Support - Reliable support can save you time and frustration, ensuring smooth operation.

Before diving into it, let's take a closer look at Apollo.io’s pricing plans and see what they offer, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you!

What is Apollo.ai?

Apollo.io positions itself as an all-in-one sales platform designed to streamline the sales process. 

It's well-suited for mid-sized to large sales teams seeking a centralized platform to improve efficiency and gain data-driven insights.


Key Features:

  • Extensive Database: Access a massive database of contacts and companies.
  • Contact & Account Search: Utilize search filters and scoring systems to identify potential leads.
  • Sales Engagement Tools: Automate email sequences, follow-ups, and data entry to improve efficiency.
  • Deal Management: Track deal progress, manage pipelines, and receive data-driven recommendations.
  • Workflow Automation: Integrate with existing CRMs and automate tasks to streamline workflows.

While its extensive features are beneficial, the platform can be complex to navigate. 

In summary, Apollo.io is a powerful tool. Its combination of features supports various aspects of sales and marketing. 

Apollo.io Pricing Breakdown: Finding the Right Fit

This image shows the pricing of Apollo.io

Apollo.io offers a tiered pricing structure with options for various team sizes and needs. Here's a breakdown of each plan:

Free Plan

At $0, the Free Plan includes:

  • Unlimited email credits (10,000/month)
  • 60 mobile credits/year
  • 120 export credits/year
  • Basic filters
  • AI-assisted email writing (5,000 words/month)

Ideal for: Individuals or very small teams testing the waters.

Pros: Free to use, unlimited email credits (limited monthly usage), basic filters, and a taste of AI-assisted email writing.

Cons: Limited features and advanced tools, not suitable for serious business needs.

Basic Plan

For $49 per user per month, billed annually, the Basic Plan includes:

  • Unlimited email credits (120,000/year)
  • 900 mobile credits/year
  • 12,000 export credits/year
  • Advanced filters and integrations
  • No sequence limit

Ideal for: Medium-sized businesses needing more robust tools than the free plan.

Pros: More features than the Free Plan, including unlimited email credits (annual limit), advanced filters, integrations, and no sequence limit.

Cons: Cost can add up quickly for small teams.

Professional Plan 

At $79 per user per month, billed annually, the Professional Plan includes:

  • 1,200 mobile credits/year
  • 24,000 export credits/year
  • Uncapped sending limits with SendGrid
  • Advanced reports and dashboards
  • AI-assisted email writing (300,000 words/month)

Ideal for: Larger teams requiring advanced capabilities.

Pros: Packed with features like advanced reports, dashboards, uncapped sending limits, and high word count for AI-assisted email writing.

Cons: High cost might be prohibitive for startups or small businesses.

Organization Plan 

Costing $119 per user per month (minimum 3 users), billed annually, the Organization Plan includes:

  • 2,400 mobile credits/year
  • 48,000 export credits/year
  • Customizable reports
  • Advanced security configurations
  • AI-assisted email writing (1 million words/month)

Ideal for: Large enterprises needing the most features and customization.

Pros: Most feature-rich plan with customizable reports, advanced security configurations, and the highest AI-assisted email writing word count.

Cons: Most expensive option – might outweigh the benefits for smaller businesses or lead generation agencies.

While Apollo.io offers a variety of plans, it's crucial to carefully evaluate your team's needs and budget before committing. 

The Free Plan can be a starting point for individual users or very small teams, but its limitations might become apparent quickly. 

For medium-sized businesses, it's worth exploring alternative sales engagement platforms that we will talk about later.

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How to Evaluate Apollo.io Pricing 

When evaluating a tool pricing, I follow a systematic approach to ensure I'm making the best decision for my business.

This image evaluates the pricing of Apollo.io

👉  Understand Business Goals

  • Define your primary objectives. Are you aiming for lead generation, customer retention, or sales growth?

👉 Identify Key Features

  • List the essential features your business needs. Do you need advanced analytics, CRM integration, or automated outreach?

👉 Compare Pricing Tiers

  • Examine what each pricing tier offers. Compare Free, Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

👉  Consider User Needs

  • How many team members will use Apollo.io? More users typically mean higher costs.

👉 Factor in Training Costs

  • Consider the time and money needed to train your team on Apollo.io's features.

👉 Read Reviews

  • Look for Apollo reviews from businesses like yours. Focus on user experiences with different pricing plans.

👉 Evaluate ROI

  • Calculate potential returns. How much revenue can Apollo.io generate for your business?

👉 Check Plan Value

  • Evaluate if higher-priced plans offer features worth the additional cost.

👉 Avoid Unnecessary Features

  • Focus on features you need. Avoid paying for extras that won't benefit your business.

👉 Contact Sales Team

  • Ask Apollo.io's sales team specific questions. They can help clarify which plan suits your needs.

👉 Consider Alternatives

  • Compare Apollo.io with other tools like Salesforge.

👉 Compare Integration

  • Ensure Apollo.io integrates smoothly with your current systems to avoid workflow disruptions.

👉 Use Free Trials

  • Take advantage of free trials. Test the platform to see if it meets your needs.

👉 Trust Your Judgment

  • Ultimately, you know your business best. Trust your assessment of Apollo.io's value.

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How to Cancel Your Apollo.io Subscription

If you encounter unexpected challenges while using an Apollo.io plan, it's important to know how to cancel your subscription. 

Many users, like Max, a small business owner, have shared their struggles with the cancellation process in his review

This image shows the user review of Apollo.io in G2

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to cancel your Apollo.io subscription:

  1. Log in to your Apollo.io account.
This image shows how to log in to Apollo.io
  1. Go to the "Settings" section of your dashboard.
This image shows the Settings in Apollo.io
  1. Look for the "Admin Settings" and click on the "Manage Plan" tab.
This image shows the Admin Settings in Apollo.io

Source: Apollo.io

  1. Go to "Billing" and then click on the "Manage Subscriptions" tab
  1. Look for "Cancel Subscription" on the window.
  1. Click on the "Cancel Subscription" or "Cancel Account" option.
  1. You’ll receive a “Confirmation Email” to confirm the cancellation.
  1. If needed, contact Apollo.io poor customer support for further assistance. 

Things to Remember Before Canceling Your Apollo.io Subscription?

Before canceling your subscription, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Timing: To avoid unwanted charges, customers without an Order Form should cancel their subscription by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time the day before their next billing date. For complete terms and conditions, refer to Apollo.io's policy.
  • Refunds: Payments are not refunded for cancellations made after the next invoice. There are no refunds or credits for partially used periods.
  • Access to Service: After cancellation, you may still access the service until the end of your current billing period. However, you will lose all data associated with your account once the period ends.
  • Data Download: Remember to download any existing data before canceling your subscription to avoid losing important information.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage your Apollo.io subscription and ensure a smooth cancellation process if necessary.

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Is Apollo.Io Worth it for SMBs?

Short answer: Nope! See what Andy, owner of a software company, has to say in this review about Apollo.io.

This image shows the user review of Apollo.io in Getapp

Let’s look at other factors as a slightly long explanation that concludes my point:

Poor Customer Support: Apollo.io's customer support often faces criticism for its slow response times and limited direct communication options. Most support inquiries are managed through tickets, which can take weeks to resolve.

This image shows the user review of Apollo.io in Getapp

Inaccurate Data: Despite its large database, Apollo.io frequently suffers from data inaccuracies. This can lead to wasted time and effort reaching out to non-existent or incorrect accounts.

This image shows the user review of Apollo.io in Getapp

Email Spamming: Customers have reported issues with email deliverability, including Gmail account bans and frequent email bounces. There is a high risk that your company emails could end up in spam folders. Users have some serious concerns about Apollo.

This image shows the user review of Apollo.io in Getapp

Sophisticated UI: While user interface preferences are subjective, many users, including myself, find Apollo.io's UI to be complex yet functional. It requires a significant learning curve to get accustomed to its features.

This review by Alex highlights and supports these points.

This image shows the user review of Apollo.io in Getapp

Salesforge addresses these pain points head-on. With real-time email validation and AI-powered email generation, you can trust Salesforge to deliver better results. 

Look what Yashwanthu has to say about Salesforge:

This image shows the user review of Apollo.io in Getapp

Salesforge: #The Best Alternative to Apollo.io

This image shows the homepage of Salesforge

Apollo.io offers a powerful suite of features for managing the sales process. 

However, considerations like potentially limited customer support, data accuracy concerns, and email deliverability challenges impacts its effectiveness.

When evaluating Apollo.io, it's worth comparing it to alternatives like Salesforge.

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But why take my words for it. 

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