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Overdrive (AI model)

Cold email that forges pipeline

Forget about email templates and programmatically send unique emails at scale in any language
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You're in good company
"With our first sequence, we've sent 60 emails and got 5 positive replies!
5 Star review
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Lukas Makšimas
Scale your outreach, not your team
No more logging into different tools to execute on your leads
1. Connect mailboxes
Send and receive emails from any mailbox in one browser tab leveraging Gmail/Outlook or create your own infrastructure within minutes
2. Stay out of spam
Warm up every mailbox for high open rates and validate every email address to keep your bounce rate close to 0%
3. Send unique emails at scale
Stop sending templates or spending 10min-30min to personalize each email. Do it now within seconds via AI leveraging seller and buyer data
Craft unique emails from any mailbox
Whether it's 2 or 20 mailboxes, we got you covered.

Craft unique emails at scale programmatically whether it's in English or another language using buyer data sources like LinkedIn profile and their website to improve email reply rate & email deliverability.
Get a 15min cold email masterclass
Protect your email deliverability
Stay out of spam by using our warm up email infrastructure, which leverages machine learning for decisioning and GPT4 to build unique multi lingual email content. Also, validate email addresses before they go out.

Did you know that templates deteriorate your deliverability?
Get a free email deliverability audit
See replies across all inboxes in one view via Primebox™
No more need to login into multiple mailboxes whether it's Gmail, Outlook or otherwise.

Manage all your revenue related email activity in a single unified view whether it's forwarding or booking a meeting right there and then.

Don’t just take our word for it

5 Stars review
I've used many platforms and no one beats Salesforge on email deliverability and ease of use. Every week the team adds new features and the support is excellent!
— Sam Momani
CEO, LinkedDNA
Review author picture
5 Stars review
"Email outreach is a key channel to grow the business for my clients. I've tried many sales tools and even tried training my own AI, yet SalesForge is a clear winner. It helps me scale my email campaigns using AI in various languages faster and better than any other solution. Their AI-written messages and advanced warm-up capabilities are the best there is."
— Vytautas Mikulenas
Founder, Augimo Partneris
Review author picture
5 Stars review
"With our first sequence, we've sent 60 emails and got 5 positive replies. In a nutshell, Salesforge does what it says on the tin. We'll keep adding more mailboxes to help us scale this further and the good news it's unlimited 😎"
— Lukas Makšimas
Co-Founder, Salt Sales
Review author picture
5 Stars review
I only uploaded 40 contacts and I've had 3 positive replies
— Stuart Brent
Founder, Vacord Screen Printing
Review author picture
5 Stars review
Salesforge's new infrastructure is a game-changer. Big boost for my deliverability and sending capacity.

I've tried multiple outreach tools and let me tell you: it's a must-have for everyone that is serious about cold emailing at scale.
— Roman Hipp
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With this new Al-powered piece of tech - super personalised, the response rate increased by 8x as well as the open rates. Highly recommended!
Vincent Kumar
Love the fact that it validates email addresses before sending out the emails. It would certainly help with deliverability issues. Congratulations on the launch!
Content creator
Toolsy platform. With the new Google and Yahoo update, I recommend this platform to avoid getting blocked by the previous providers and hurt your email deliverability! Has all the features (warm up, validation, multiple mailboxes, AI) you need to land into your prospects inboxes.
Carlos Lopez
SDR Manager
Great product - in the first month I was able to 10x my email output. As I'm still in the validation phase of my own product I prefer to write each outreach myself for now, but as soon as we scale I'm making sure our sales team uses Salesforge.
Kabalan Gaspard
Building DataPostie
Salesforge helped us customize emails to VSc on scale. And Frank is THE guy! He onboarded us in seconds! Good luck
Marko Lazic
Designing houses with Al-aided copilot
I use SalesForge and I like their delivery rate. Almost all emails are personalized and got to the inboxes. I recommend this service.
Paulius Rimavicius
Co-Founder TeamFill
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