How To Improve Your Cold Email Copy For Stellar Deliverability

Some of your emails may land up in spam whether it's a newsletter, a cold email or any other major email motion due to content, typically sending the same static message/template to lots of people.

Billions of emails are being sent every day and it's accelerating with the majority of them being templated leading to major email fatigue 😔

The fatigue leads to marking more emails as spam 🙈

The fact that you're sending the same email (static/templated content) to many, many people, and a few users marking the email as spam may mean in some cases the rest of the emails with the same template can start ending up in spam also.

Yesterday, I spoke to a business in the US using a major email software brand and their open rate was 2%!!! 🥲 Typically it's below 30% vs top performers delivering at 50%-80% open rate (Though I don't recommend tracking open rates).

One of the problems was their content, which is a critical factor in your email deliverability puzzle.

How to potentially solve the static content problem?

1. Rules-based approach. Randomize content (Spintax). Essentially saying the same thing using different words. Can be done for sentences and even whole paragraphs. Recommend at least 50% of content to be randomized, including the signature section for cold emails!

2. Programmatic/AI-based approach. Based on the input you want to convey to your audience vs what is it that you know about them on an individual level using publicly available data sources and/or CRM/data warehouse, craft individual emails as an output.

3. Layer languages on top to tackle spam and drive engagement. Send the message in the language of your buyer, which is not always in English. DeepL is great for this.