Email Warm Up for Outreach and Salesloft

What is email warm up?

Email warm-up typically refers to the practice of gradually increasing the volume and frequency of outgoing emails to build a sender reputation and avoid being flagged as spam. This is often done to ensure better deliverability of emails. Email warm-up services are usually provided by specialized tools or services like Salesforge.

Does Outreach or Salesloft offer email warm up?

Outreach and Salesloft don't offer email warm up services to boost email deliverability or any other functionality related to improing email deliverability. This is the prime reason why you need to invest in an additional tool.

How does email warm up work in Salesforge?

The warm-up mimics real human behavior in your mailbox. Think of it essentially as 2 friends chatting to each other on social about various stuff. We do just that but in email and on AI autopilot with a single click of a button.

The so-called friends are essentially other Salesforge clients with whom you're talking about various stuff in business whether it's about a product or booking a meeting. Be sure that they always open your emails and even reply back just like friends would do. The unique emails written by AI signal to email service providers that these are legitimate inboxes rather than being used for phishing or anything else.

When you then will reach out to your prospects cold, the likelihood drastically increases of being able to land in the primary inbox of the recipient rather than any other folder. Make sure that if you just connected your mailbox, you warm up your mailbox for at least 2-3 weeks before you reach out to any prospects, and then make sure you keep your warm-up always on. You will have a label created bottom left of your Gmail account for all the activity, which will skip your primary inbox

Having the warm-up always on boosts your email deliverability evergreen and also decreases the likelihood of not burning through your mailbox/domain.