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Overdrive (AI model)

10x pipeline

Kiss goodbye to cold email templates and
send unique emails at any scale
Salesforge - Personalize every single email at any scale and any language | Product Hunt
Salesforge: 10X Pipeline - Personalize Every Single Email At Any Scale And Any Language | Product Hunt
Preview of AI Email and sequence items
"With our first sequence, we've sent 60 emails and got 5 positive replies!
5 Star review
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Lukas Makšimas
Everything in one place
No more logging into different tools to execute on your leads
1. Connect mailboxes
Send and receive emails from any mailbox in one browser tab
2. Stay out of spam
Warm up every mailbox for high open rates and validate every email address to keep your bounce rate close to 0%
3. Personalize at scale
Stop sending templates or spending 10min-30min to personalize each email. Do it now within seconds via AI leveraging seller and buyer data
Unique sequences from any inbox
Whether it's 2 or 20 inboxes, we got you covered.

Connect inboxes using Google, Outlook and SMTP from any domain/business to manage your communication in a single browser tab.

Craft unique emails at scale programmatically whether it's in English or another language using buyer data sources like LinkedIn to improve email deliverability & reply rate.
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Warmup feature preview
Protect your email deliverability
Stay out of spam by using our warm up email infrastructure, which leverages machine learning for decisioning and GPT4 to build unique email content. Also, validate email addresses before they go out.

Did you know that templates deteriorate your deliverability?
See replies across all inboxes in one view via Primebox™
No more need to login into multiple inboxes. Manage all your replies in a single unified view whether it's forwarding or booking a meeting right there and then.
Primebox feature preview
5 Stars review
“The ability to log into a single app allowing me personalize my outreach at scale while focusing on deliverability is exactly what I’m looking for.”
— Ed Karalius,
Account Executive, Genome
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5 Stars review
"With our first sequence, we've sent 60 emails and got 5 positive replies. In a nutshell, Salesforge does what it says on the tin. We'll keep adding more mailboxes to help us scale this further and the good news it's unlimited 😎"
— Lukas Makšimas,
Review author picture
5 Stars review
I only uploaded 40 contacts and I've had 3 positive replies
— Stuart Brent
Founder, Vacord Screen Printing
Review author picture
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